DSC 40B – Theoretical Foundations of Data Science II

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Welcome to DSC 40B!

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    • Prof. Wang's lecture is at 9:30 am in WLH 2207;
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See you in lecture!

Week 1

Time Complexity

Week 2

Expected Time and Recursion

Week 3

Sorting and Faster Selection

Week 4

BSTs and Hashing

Week 5


Week 6

Breadth-First Search

Week 7

Depth-First Search

Reminder: no lecture on Thursday, November 11 due to Veterans Day.

Week 8

Weighted Shortest Paths

Week 9

Thanksgiving Week

Reminder: there is no lecture this week due to the midterm exam and the Thanksgiving holiday. Happy holidays!

Week 10

Minimum Spanning Trees 🏁

Lecture 18 on Complexity Theory is optional, and won't appear in the homework. Feel free to watch it at your leisure if you'd like to know more about one of the most important open problems in mathematics and computer science: does P = NP?.

Week 11

Final Exam Week