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Principles of Data Science 📊

DSC 10, Winter 2022 at UC San Diego

Suraj Rampure

Suraj Rampure


Lecture(s): A00 (MWF 1-1:50PM, CENTER 109), B00 (MWF 2-2:50PM, CENTER 214)

Frequently Asked Questions for DSC 10, Winter 2022

I have a conflict with the final exam (e.g. Math 18). Will you offer alternate final exams times?

Yes. Expect a form to be sent out in the first few weeks of the course where you can indicate to us that you have a conflict. This is the only case in which we’ll offer alternate final exam times; we will not offer alternate final exam times for any other reason.

Will we use the “LAB” time?

No – you can ignore the LAB section that appears on WebReg, we will not use this time for anything. We will use the discussion timeslot, though.

Will lectures be podcasted?

Yes. Attendance will not be required.

Should I take DSC 10? 🤔

Of course!