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Programming and Data Structures for Data Science 🖥

🎉 Welcome to the Fall 2022 offering of DSC 20!
Before class starts on Friday 09/23, make sure to read the syllabus and make sure you can access Ed Discussion. Here is a video I made for you about the syllabus! Hope you will enjoy this course!
Marina Langlois

Marina Langlois


Lecture: MWF 9AM-9:50AM, MANDE B-210

Lecture Recordings

Clarification on the labels I used below (You will learn this data structure called dictionary this quarter):

labels = {'RQ': 'Reading Quizzes', 'DQ': 'Discussion Quiz', 'LEC': 'Lecture', \
          'DISC': 'Discussion', 'READ!' : 'Assigned Reading(s)', 'PROJ': 'Final Project'}