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Seminar: History of Data Science 📚

DSC 90, Winter 2022 at UC San Diego

Suraj Rampure

Suraj Rampure


Class: Mondays, 6-8:50PM, Center Hall 218

Read the syllabus for details on how this course will work.

Topics are subject to change, and readings are all TBD.

1 January 3rd: Introduction, Calculus

In the first class session, we’ll set the scene and expectations for the course. We’ll study the historical development of calculus, a field that underpins much of modern data science. In doing so, we’ll re-derive and use several results of early mathematicians to solve problems of our own.

2 January 10th: Aggregation, Least Squares, and Planetary Motion

We’ve come to take for granted the idea of an “average”, but it was not always so prevalent.

3 January 17th: No Class (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

4 January 24th: Randomness and Probability Theory

5 January 31st: Correlation and Prediction

6 February 7th: Data Visualization and Exploratory Data Analysis

7 February 14th: Machine Learning

8 February 21st: No Class (Presidents’ Day)

9 February 28th: Computing

10 March 7th: Data Science as a Field