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This course will be offered again in Spring 2022!
In this course, we visit the origins of ideas that are central to data science, from calculus to probability to linear regression to visualization. If you take the course, not only will you gain a deeper appreciation for the methods of our field, but you’ll also enhance your mathematical reasoning and programming skills while also gaining exposure to a few new tools (like GitHub Pages and plotly) along the way.
Note that class meetings will be from 6-7:30PM, not 6-8:50PM.

Seminar: History of Data Science 📚

DSC 90, Winter 2022 at UC San Diego

Suraj Rampure

Suraj Rampure


Class: Mondays, 6-7:30PM

Office Hours: Mondays, 7:30-8PM; Fridays, 3:30-4:30PM

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11/3Introduction, CalculusHW 1 (due 1/9)
21/10Calculus, AggregationHW 2 (due 1/21)
 1/17N/A (MLK Day) 
31/24Aggregation and Least SquaresHW 3 (due 1/30)
41/31Least Squares, Regression, and CorrelationHW 4 (due 2/6)
52/7ProbabilityHW 5 (due 2/13)
62/14VisualizationHW 6 (due 2/27)
 2/21N/A (Presidents’ Day) 
72/28ComputationHW 7 (due 3/7)
83/7Data Science, ConclusionHW 8 (due 3/14)