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Table of contents

  1. Readings and Reference Sheets
  2. Python Programming Tutorials, Resources, and Exercises
  3. Supplemental Videos
    1. Lecture-Specific Videos
    2. Other
  4. Probability-Specific Resources
  5. Practice Exams
  6. UC San Diego Links
  7. Other

Readings and Reference Sheets

Python Programming Tutorials, Resources, and Exercises

Supplemental Videos

Lecture-Specific Videos

These are some videos that were meant to supplement a previous iteration of the course. They cover information that we’ll also cover this quarter.


Probability-Specific Resources

Practice Exams

Below we’ve linked PDF versions of the exams from two previous offerings of the course. Note that these were given remotely, whereas we will have an in-person, on-paper exam.

Fall 2021Suraj Rampure and Janine Tiefebruckexam, solutionsexam, solutions 
Winter 2021Janine Tiefenbruckexam, solutionsexam, solutions- The Winter 2021 midterm was 75 minutes long, while ours will be 50 minutes long. Also, our exams will not have any open-ended questions.
- Video walkthrough of Question 10.2-10.3 on the Midterm